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With Massage Choices, your search for therapeutic and relaxing body work can be as stress free as a few clicks away. Search for everything from light Swedish to deep tissue, reflexology to lomi lomi, and private outcall massages at your home to full day relaxation packages at resort spas. We have all the tools necessary for you to find and compare all the bodywork alternatives available wherever you are. Our therapists are all fully licensed and certified by the massage boards of their state. We present you all the information on local therapists and spas in your area and throughout the US, give you more information on topics related to massage therapy and bodywork than you will ever need. Its not only all here, but its made available through the easiest and most complete search functionality of its kind. With intuitive and user friendly navigation, and a page structure that removes all the clutter that is common in other directory sites. Best of all, This is not just a directory of wellness professionals, but a central community of information and tools for all who love the art of massage; to learn, enjoy and share. Dive in and be amazed by a site that surpasses your expectations for finding what you need, while enjoying the time you spend looking.