Massage Choices

Code of Ethics

The Code as it applies to Therapists, Advertisers and Listing Members

Use of this site is for the purpose of acquiring information on massage, massage professionals, spas, schools, and the learning and enjoyment of all formal styles of massage. It offers professional massage therapists, spa, and school owners a unique medium with which to display, their services, attract clients, while including in one location, resources for improving their practice, and interacting with holistic professionals. The creators of the site and its moderators, will not tolerate any use of the site for the purposes of soliciting or displaying inappropriate behavior as outlined by the rules and regulations of all states governing the massage practice. This includes the use of the site to advertise illegal massage practices such as tantric or erotic massage in states that prohibit these practices, prostitution, or any other sexual practices disguised as massage services. We retain the right to, and will suspend and deny without refund, the display of any listing that attempts to violate this code.

Code of Conduct for Listing Members and Advertisers

  • In Listing on this site, you shall agree to act in accordance to all the ethical and mandatory guidelines set by your state's governing board on massage.
  • You will not display on this site any content, including text, images, video or audio, which is of an illicit, sexual or profane nature, and all images uploaded will meet sensible standards for the display of the human body.
  • You will not discriminate, abuse, harass or act against any other individuals listing or using this site, in a manner that is not appropriate or professional.
  • You will exhibit yourself as a professional worthy of the statue of a health care professional or spa owner.
  • You will always act in the best interest of your client so far as your safety and the safety of others is not placed at risk.
  • To the best of your abilities you will honor the agreement you set forth in your listing as part of the services you advertise.
  • You will not advertise nor perform any service or modality for which you are not fully qualified
  • You agree to honor the traditions and image of the profession and will aid in promoting the profession as a viable alternative health care field.
  • You will not attempt to mislead, misrepresent or commit fraud against any users of the site or clients that you gain through the site.
  • You agree to provide draping as mandated by your state and explain the draping policy to your clients
  • You will keep all communication between yourself and your clients in strict confidence, and You will not disclose, information on your clients, to other parties.

Code of Conduct for Users

As a visitor to the site, you understand that massage therapy whether relaxation, sports, medical, or energy work is a health related activity which is therapeutic in nature, and is to be viewed as such when selecting a professional. The Only purposes for hiring a licensed professional massage therapist to acquire massage related services is for either relaxation and/or relief from stress, medical rehabilitation, injury recovery, enhancement to sports related performance, increasing the general wellness of the body and mind, relieving pain, improving cognition, alertness, and mental stability, improving range of motion and motor functioning, and the relief from or improvement to any other health issues. You therefore agree to the following ethical guidelines:

  • You will not attempt to solicit any misconduct from any of the providers on the site, whether it be in the form of sexual acts, illegal services, or other actions which violate ethics standards and laws.
  • You understand that there are health conditions for which massage is not appropriate and you may be denied service because of them. It is to your best interest to inform your practitioner of any medical or physical conditions that you may have.
  • You understand that the providers on the site have the right to deny and suspend any services provided if it goes against their better judgment.
  • You understand that the providers on the site make decisions on whether to provide full or partial services to you, based on their understanding of the body and its responses to such services and how that will effect your current health status.
  • You understand that massage is a therapeutic alternative health care form of manual physical manipulation and your well being is tied to the appropriate incorporation of the work.
  • You will not harass, badger, mock, insult, abuse, or threaten a professional which has denied you service for any reason, nor try to force a therapist to perform any techniques or services for which they do not feel comfortable performing.
  • You agree to follow the therapist's guidelines for draping, unless they involve inappropriate policies which violate your right to privacy and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • You agree not to give false or unfair review, or submit a comment which would slander a therapist or spa.
  • Once a service has been provided, you agree to pay for your service in full or on an agreed upon schedule, by you and your therapist.