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Please read below for answers to general questions which may address any problems that you encounter while using the site.

On many occasions you may discover a solution to your problem. As we become aware of issues that our users have encountered, we will add information relevant to these issues, outlining solutions and the status of any bugs that we have been made aware of. Our developers are currently concentrating on adding additional key features and expanding the site to other regions. We will fix any errors that we find as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding, as we make every effort to bring you the most complete massage directory ever.

Known Issues and Important Information

There is a known issue when you delete the first image you upload.

If you upload only one image and then delete it, the next time you upload an image, you will continue to see the previously deleted one in the images list. To avoid this, simply upload a second image before deleting the first.

There is a known issue that occurs when switching between logging a service from the pending services list, logging a walk-in appointment, creating a sale ticket, or editing a logged service through the client section.

While performing several of these operations back to back without a screen refresh, the payment entry fields become hidden. If this happens, simply refresh your browser window. Since this only occurs in certain circumstances and has a simple workaround, we are not currently attempting to fix it. However, it will be addressed again and corrected, in the future.

There is a known issue that occurs when changing the date on a scheduled appointment in the appointment calendar.

When you change an appointment to a different date you will see a new appointment for the new date, but the old appointment appears to remain in the calendar. This is only because we have not added the code to remove the visual indicator for the old appointment. If you close the calendar, you will see that the appointment has the new date you selected and there are no appointments with the old date. Opening up the calendar again (by clicking 'Add') you will then see that the old appointment is gone.

Since this does not affect the appointment change or cause any problems, we are not currently attempting to fix it. Be advised that there are some pages, that we have decided for efficiency, not to have them refresh after a change or addition has been made. When updating or adding information to your records, if you do not see the information update right away, simply refresh you screen. If after a refresh, you do not see the change, then contact us. Note: on an appointment date change you do not need a refresh, simply close and re-open the calendar.

Support for State Regions and Counties

The state, regional, and county maps show those areas that are currently supported, by highlighting the area when you hover over it. If you are in a location that is not supported and wish to become a member, simply email us with a request to include your area.

Mobile users:

The public portion of the site has been optimized for mobile; however, Some functionality is not available on mobile devices. Therapists, be aware that the back-end functionality available for registered members has not been optimized for mobile. If you are not on a desktop or laptop computer, you will find it difficult to complete many of the tasks that would otherwise simplify your daily operations. Similarly, we do not recommend setting up a listing if you do not own at least a large tablet. From the beginning we made a choice to bring you the most feature packed, content rich massage directory in existence. We will not stop until we have surpassed this goal. As a result, we are delaying complete mobile optimization until we feel the site has met all of our initial requirements. Look for more functionality to be optimized for mobile in the near future.

User Questions

I am trying to setup my profile but I do not see my county listed.

There are two possibilities for this. We divide states into regions predominantly by geographical landmarks, and areas that are free of dense population. When first signing up, or as a first time visitor looking for massage, your are asked to select your region from the us map. The site then remembers your location and uses this decide which counties are in your area. If you do not see your county you may have selected the wrong region. Before creating or editing your profile, if you are already logged in , log out, then go back to the log in page and select "Change Location" at the top right of the page. In the US map when you hover over a region of your state, you will see the counties that are supported listed on the right side of the page. When you see your county in the list , you know you have found the correct region. After selecting this region you may log in ago back to editing your profile and you should see your county.

If however, you do not see your county on any region of your state that you hover over, this simply means that we do not currently support the region. In some states, we are not currently supporting all counties. If your county does not contain any cities with a population greater than 15,000, or a cluster of cities with a combined population of over 20,000 then it may not be currently supported. Send us an email requesting that your county be included in our site. Similarly, a few states may not have been added at this time, let us know if you are in a state that we do not currently support.

I made a change to the settings yesterday, but today it's back the way it was.

When you make a change anywhere, or log a service or sale, only to find that nothing happened, it is usually because you forgot to click on 'Submit' or 'Update' in the panel where your changes where made. Redo the change paying close attention to click 'Submit' or 'Update' after. Then refresh the screen, and if you still do not see the information being updated let us know of the problem.