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Massage Choices'    Privacy Policy last updated April 20, 2017

Because we value your privacy, our privacy policy is quite simple. Unless required by law, we do not share any of your private information with anyone.

In addition, we do not ask for nor store, any sensitive information, such as credit card, bank account, nor social security numbers or the like. All payment transactions are processed through PayPal on their secure servers.

Of course, being a listing website where members join to advertise their massage or spa practices, there is a certain amount of information which is shared publicly, but this is information normally found through public advertisements and is limited to that which is volunteered by the listing member for that very purpose.

What sensitive information do we require, and how do we handle such information?

We do not require nor collect any sensitive or personal information from visitors using the site for the purpose of finding a massage therapist, watching videos, reading articles or conducting researching on massage.

However, for members to be able to use many of our services, we do require an email, and in some cases a phone and/or cell number.

Information gathered from listing members

Listing members consists of therapist or spa owners that wish to advertise their massage practice and use the many business tools offered by the site

An email is required to create an account and become a listing member.
To create a profile the member needs to provide us with their massage license. This is required by law in many states, to be able to advertise. We also require their contact information, and in the case of in-call therapists their address (which can be hidden).
The member can also volunteer any amount of information on their practice that they wish the public to see.

Information gathered from visitors searching for massage.

There are two categories of visitors to the site

  • Casual - Those visitors that only browse the site searching for and viewing therapist or spa profiles, reading articles, watching videos, and learning about massage, or to buy gift certificates.
  • Members – Visitors that, in addition to being casual visitors, also sign up to be able to make online appointments.

In the case of casual visitors, we do not collect any information other than keeping track of the pages they visited for the purpose of tracking possible errors in the code and improving the website.

In the case of non-listing members we ask for their email, address, and phone. This is required so that once they create an appontment, the therapist can contact them to confirm. Also It is used to determine if they are within the therapist’s outcall area. This information is disclosed only to a therapist for which an appointment was made.

special cases

In the event that a visitor of any kind tries to circumvent our security, we collect and store the visitor's ip address.