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Aids teaches us that if you weaken your immune system you open the door to countless diseases. Those that die of aids don't actually die from the aids virus, but from all the diseases that are allowed to attack the body. Cancer, tuberculosis, and pneumonia are three of the primary diseases which take advantage of the weakened immune system allowing them to overtake the body. It's a wonder why the main focus on the fight against cancer is not strengthening the immune system. Well we have you covered.
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One of the few treatments to approach the possibility of a cure, was discovered a few years back. DCA a very simple compound used to treat disorders in children, was noted to also drastically reduce the size of cancerous tumors. Reports on the research being conducted at the time seemed promising, however, five years later nothing much has been said about it. Why did this almost miraculous cure practicly disapear? The simplest answer is that DCA, being a readibly available substance already in use in other medication, could not be patented as a new drug for cancer. Hence, no one could make money off it. For more information on DCA, see below. The moral of this story children, is don't wait for the medical profession to find a cure for cancer, or any of the other big killers, specifically those that they can treat for years. Become responsible for your health, and learn how to avoid being a victim. One secret is in the foods we eat, or rather, don't eat.

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This is just a drop in the bucket, and more articles are appearing monthly. We have not tried nor recommend any of the products being advertised. Our intentions are simply to bring awareness of existing research, not publicized by the general media, which may one day find a viable cure. -posted 2012)